Catering to the Tastes
      of the Artistic Gourmet​
Torrey Schoel is businessman, art collector, and gourmet cook. He's co-director of Art Saveur and serves as the company's CFO.

Leilani Barnett is a writer, publicist, and amateur artist.  She's co-director of Art Saveur and serves as the company's CMO.
A portion of the proceeds from each event benefit the Art Saveur Scholarship Fund for students in art and culinary programs.
Art Saveur events blend thought-provoking art exhibitions with tantalizing dining experiences inspired by visual works. Each event offers a unique experience, bringing together varied artistic disciplines and providing the opportunity for our guests to learn first-hand about the techniques and inspiration for the creative masterpieces. With artist and chef on-hand, our guests will be part of the artistic discussion, enjoy a unique dining experience, and have the opportunity to purchase original art in a variety of price ranges. We hope you share our passion for the arts and join us in these sensory experiences for a night of delicious food, great art, and excellent wine!
On, Wednesday, July 11, 2012, join us for a special evening at The Kessler Theater, 1230 West Davis St in Dallas. Chef Salum will work his cooking magic with inspiration from the art of Bianca Elise. Your $135 tickets includes passed hors d'oeuvres and a fabulous four-course dinner, complimentary specially-selected wine, live entertainment Moulin Rouge style, talks by the chef and artist, the opportunity to purchase original works of art, and an artistic souvenir menu guests may have signed by the artist and chef.

To reserve your ticket, call 214.342.2368
Or visit the Purchase Tickets link.

Please note that many of our events will be filmed by local documentary film-maker, Chris Birge, and by attending an event you give consent, allowing us to use your image in upcoming television or film products, advertising, and other media outlets.
       By blending our passions for food, wine, and art,
    ​we produce one-of-a-kind evenings full of sensory delights!
  "Art Saveur creates one-of-a-kind tantalizing meals inspired by thought-provoking visual art exhibits!"  

         For more information, contact Leilani at (214) 620-7275 or Torrey at (972) 342-2368 or e-mail today!  

         ​​We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at our next
        ​Art Saveur Dinner and Art Exhibit!